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Visit Mentors' Round Table to read our interviews of women in the fields of science and health. These are women of varying levels of experience and backgrounds, brought to the table to answer your questions about everything from work-life balance to financial management. Read on, be inspired, and leave them (and us!) a comment!

Newest Interviews: Ecologist, MD Student 1 (2nd year) , MD Student 2 (2nd year)  , Optometry Student and Speech Pathologist

Check back soon! More to come!

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  •  In Conversation with Ada Yonath by Dr. Renee Beale. A conversation with 2009 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry about her upbringing in Israel and how it set her up for a life in science.

  • Tracing the Path of Jewish Medical Pioneers by Roni Caryn Rabin. An exhibition offers a look at the emergence of European and American Jews as innovators in medicine, despite their status as outsiders frequently scorned by the establishment. May 21,2012

  • Giving Women the Access Code by Katie Hafner. Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College in California, has helped reverse the vexing trend toward fewer women in computer science, and others are following. April 2, 2012

  • Is nursing an appropriate profession for a Bais Yaakov graduate? What challenges does it present? How does a busy mother handle the long hours of hospital nursing shifts? These questions and others are addressed in Binah Magazine's article A Career in Compassion by Beily Paluch.

  • Four researchers taking part in the World Science Festival talked with The Times about their lives as scientists, the joys and struggles of research, and the specific challenges women in science face. Read it! Women Atop Their Fields Dissect the Scientific Life by Gina Kolata

  • Want to have a laugh and learn a nice lesson? Check out this funny and smart cartoon titled Marie Curie by xkcd! [P.S. Lise Meitner and Emmy Noether...both Jewish women!]

  • Check out AJS Fall 2010 with articles like Dream Doctors: The Soul of Jewish Medicine (p. 25), Jewish Doctors, Jewish Wisdom (p. 36), and more! It's an entire magazine perfect for our JAWS members!

  • You do What? A look at unconventional careers by Mishpacha Magazine's Family First, Issue 197, written by Azriela Jaffe.