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Dr. B.
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My daughter has a school project to write about any famous or significant historical Jewish person.  She wants to write about a female Jewish scientist or mathematician.   The project has to be based on a biographical book.  We're sort of stuck here because it's hard to find female Jewish scientists who have had biographies written about them at the 3rd or 4th grade reading level.

So far, we have Emmy Noether (book is Emmy Noether: The Mother of Modern Algebra).  Can anyone recommend any others for my daughter to pick from?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Paul Braier

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What a wonderful topic! We do not have first hand knowledge of any books unfortunately but we do have an extensive list of Jewish female scientists/doctors etc. that you can view under our Woman of the Month link. Some of these women may have a biography written on them for her reading level!

This may be too advanced but here is one possibility we found:

We encourage anyone else who may know of an alternative to post on here.

Best of luck and thank you for posting,

The JAWS Team

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Dr. B.
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Thank you for the response, but it was a bit too late.  My daughter turned in her reort yesterday.  The book on Emmy Noether was fascinating, though the biographical parts were probably written at about the 6th grade level, making it a challenge for my daughter.  Some of the mathematical portions were way above that, though digging into my former theoretical chemist/physicist life I was able to explain group theory and symmetry at her level.

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