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Hi everyone.  I took the DAT last year and recently started dental school.  Studying for the DAT can be intense and I figure we all appreciate all the help we can get!  So here is the list of study materials I chose to use.  I hope this helps any of you out there planning on taking the exam!

-DAT Destroyer (This was amazing.  It's all practice problems and explanations.  It is slightly harder than the real thing but I honestly believe this book made the most significant difference in my score.)

-Cliffs AP Bio (This book is better than the Cliffs DAT book because when going through the DAT version I found a number of mistakes.  It outlines main bio points in a clear and concise way.)

-Kaplan DAT and Exam Kracker MCAT books.  (You probably shouldnt get both... Exam Kracker is more in depth but Kaplan is a faster read.)


-Crack DAT Pat (An online series of practice problems and practice tests for the PAT section.  Helpful to get used to doing the work on the computer.  Though some sections will be harder/easier than on the real thing, the hours of practice I did on this program helped a great deal.)

-Achiever Practice Exams (I believe this is a little bit more difficult than the real exam - I took my DAT a few days after I took this practice test and my score went up considerably on the real thing)

-For the chemistry and orgo sections I used my class notes from undergrad chem and orgo. 

-For the reading I tried practicing reading news articles and random wikipedia entries on a time limit to increase the speed at which I was reading. 

-I didnt study for the math section, which turned out to be my worst section.  Dont make my mistake! 

I hope this was helpful!  Good luck!

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