About JAWS

  1. Is JAWS only for Orthodox women?

    JAWS is open to all Jewish women regardless of religious affiliation or observance level. JAWS is not interested in defining what makes a person Jewish and it's mentoring programs and events are open to ALL Jewish women regardless of religious affiliation or observance level.

  2. Can JAWS help women from other religions and cultural backgrounds?

    Much of the information found on this website can be useful for women of all backgrounds and JAWS is thrilled when any woman finds something useful here. We encourage all women to check out our careers pages, links and media.

    We find that students gain the most out of the mentor program when they are paired with a mentor who has faced similar problems and answered similar questions. Many of these questions are cultural in nature. We have therefore limited our mentoring program to Jewish Women. While JAWS would love to start mentoring programs for other women we are still a very small organization with minimal (currently zero) funding. Should JAWS grow and have the capacity to do so, we would be ecstatic to start sister programs for women from different backgrounds.

  3. Is JAWS anti men?

    Absolutely not. JAWS merely feels that women face different issues and have fewer role models to look to for advice. Women have traditionally been an underrepresented group in the science field, especially in terms of tenured positions, and JAWS would like to help shatter that glass ceiling. Many of the information pages on the site are useful for men as well as women.

  4. What careers are considered "math and science" related?

    There are many careers out there related to math and science and choosing from amongst them can be daunting. JAWS has informational pages to help you decide if one of these careers is the right one for you. Possible professions include, but are not limited to: Engineers, Physicians, Osteopaths, Dentists, Scientific Researchers, Professors, Pharmacists, Physician-Scientists, Physicians Assistants, Speech/Physical/Occupational therapists, Psychologists, Architects and Nurses.

  5. Will JAWS also address other high profile careers like law and finance?

    JAWS is a very small organization and does not have the capacity to handle other professions at this moment. JAWS is open to addressing these issues when the organization expands and funding improves. For now JAWS is sticking to what its staff has first hand experience in.

  6. Can JAWS come speak at my high school or college?

    Absolutely! JAWS loves coming to colleges and high schools. Unfortunately JAWS cannot pay for airline tickets and so speaking engagements are limited to those in the tri-state area unless you can provide us with transportation and lodging. At this time JAWS does not charge for appearances. To request a JAWS representative at your event please e-mail JAWSadmin@gmail.com

  7. How do I find out about JAWS events?

    All updates are placed on the JAWS Homepage first and that is the quickest way to learn of JAWS events. You can visit the events page to learn more. Also, become a member of the site to receive faster updates.

  8. How can I contact JAWS?

    Send an e-mail to JAWSadmin@gmail.com. We are always happy to hear from you and would love answer any questions you may have.

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JAWS Mentoring Program

  1. How does JAWS e-mentoring work?

    JAWS e-mentor program matches students with mentors who will contact via e-mail. JAWS does not support or encourage in person contact. High school and undergraduate students interested in being paired with a JAWS mentor must fill out the form on the mentor page. Once we receive your completed form JAWS will use this information to pair you with an appropriate mentor who will contact you via e-mail. If for some reason the mentor never contacts you or the relationship does not work, you may contact JAWS at any time to be re-paired.

    If you are interested in becoming a JAWS mentor please go to the mentor page and fill out the Mentor Form. This information will be used to help us pair you with students. We will always ask you before pairing you with a student and you can commit to mentor one or more students (maximum 5). Your time can really make a difference in a young woman's life.

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Helping JAWS

  1. How can I help JAWS?

    You can help JAWS by spreading the word to your friends! If you are currently enrolled in graduate school or have all ready graduated, please consider becoming a JAWS mentor. All you have to do is fill out the form on the mentor page.

    If you would like to provide information about your profession for the content or links pages please e-mail JAWSadmin@gmail.com. We also welcome any of your comments and suggestions on how to improve the organization!

  2. Can I donate to JAWS?

    Not yet, but please do come back. We are working on establishing ourselves as a nonprofit and setting up a quick and easy means to donate. When that happens we will let you know. In fact, if you'd like to receive an e-mail when making donations becomes possible please send an e-mail to JAWSadmin@gmail.com

  3. Is JAWS a non profit organization?

    JAWS is not officially registered as a non-profit (we are working on it). We currently have no operating budget and survive on the kindness of volunteers. We will update you on our status as soon as we get through with the paperwork.

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